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The Sanctuary of Superficiality

If you think you're hip and hoppin' and trendy...well, we'll just see about that!

Post any pic or anything that you think is trendy and cool, and we'll see if you can make the cut!

Hurray for materialism!

1. Girls with shorts are NOT allowed.
2. Everyone's attire MUST match.
3. Be real! Fake people are OUT!
4. Gay guys are a girl's BEST friend.
5. Abercrombie goes down the drain (except the models).
6. Scrunchies stay in 80s and early 90s, please.
7. You must be VERY attractive to pull off a bowtie.
8. Anorexia is OK! It really is!!!
9. Leave Wal-Mart and K-Mart alone.
10. Type HOT SHIT for yes; BULL SHIT for no.


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